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Thread: Adult coloring

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    Adult coloring

    Just thought this might be Help to some of you.
    In my local Netto there have now on sale Adult coloring books
    saw them today in the leaflet.
    My partner will pop to buy me one tomorrow
    hope it settles my Anxity down :-D

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    Re: Adult coloring

    I love colouring in and with my recent episode of depression and anxiety I've used quite a few arts and crafts for enjoyment and distractions. I have a few colouring book, a dot to dot, word searches, sudoku, painting and jigsaws.

    They don't change your thoughts but they certainly have helped me relax and take my mind off the thoughts. I think they are really underrated. I work in a library and I do a kids arts and craft group, it's usually the adults i can't get the pens off!

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    Re: Adult coloring

    Love it! A lot of my adult clients use and benefit from them. That is a really good deal, as they can be quite expensive. I also print out pages online for them. I pretty much just google "coloring sheets" and can find some.

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    Re: Adult coloring

    My local Tesco has a 1 section for lesser known brands or foreign brands. For the last couple of months they have had a selection of a few of these books for 1 each. They seem very popular.
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    Re: Adult coloring

    I love the colouring books they are a god send to me xx

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    Re: Adult coloring

    I just spent 45-60minutes colouring in a Fox in one of these books. It helped me take my mind off my worries (to an extent) and has calmed me down

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    Re: Adult coloring

    I have tried these, they're ok unless your anxiety is extreme.

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    Re: Adult coloring

    coming into christmas
    just to let people know that Book People have some cheap sets of mindfulness colouring books
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    Re: Adult coloring

    I brought one a few months ago, it's been quite helpful to me.

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    Re: Adult coloring

    I have three of these, one is a cat one I got from 1 shop. It took me over an hour just to colour a cat in a couple of days ago! Definitely kills some time. The only thing I hate about them is that I can't really find a decent range of colours for cheap. I do have all the basic colours (minus purple for some reason) but I'd like more shades etc.

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