I've always suffered anxiety but where I could manage it but the last year and a half it has gotten really bad (after suffering glandular fever). The feelings of detachment and depersonalisation have been really strong. I had a couple of months where it calmed down but the last 2 months (especially the last 3 weeks) it has really heightened again. I just got 2 possitive pregnancy tests 2 weeks ago and I've started being sick about 3 times a day. I feel so detached from myself and lots more horrible feelings...does the increase of hormones have an effect on anxiety?
I'm also finding it very hard to accept the pregnancy at the moment as I feel so detached from my own self. Im getting worried about being sick as I'm not keeping my food down and the get really panicky when I start to be sick.
I just fear it's going to get worse and wondered if anyone can relate or has gotten through as at the moment it is so heightened and scary.
Thank you xx