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    cyst removal, no news, waiting for biopsy...

    Hi all,
    I'm Stuart and am new here, so glad to have found this forum.

    Around 6 weeks ago a cyst was found in my jaw via a CT scan. I asked the question 'is it sinister?' to which the consultant replied 'some cysts are bad...some cysts aren't'!!! I was sent home with no more info than that. of course I worried...a lot...I have very bead health anxiety.

    Anyhoo I had the operation to remove the cyst around 10 days ago, expected to see the surgeon post op but he didn't come to speak to me, just gave a letter explaining what he'd done and told me to follow up in 6 weeks! Oh yeah and I have to go for an ECG as my heart rte was so high...anxiety of course.

    So I still don't know if the cyst was benign or not, I've called the hospital and they say it could take 6 weeks to get the test results back!! Surely if it was bad news they'd know sooner than that.?! Cn I assume no news is good news or do I really have to wait until I go to the follow up appointment and be told bad news face to face? Not sure I can handle a 6 week fact I know I can't!

    Anyone else had a similar experience with the there any more I can do but wait?


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    Re: cyst removal, no news, waiting for biopsy...

    If the cyst had been sinister in any way, you would not be waiting 6 weeks for a follow up, that's a definite. No news is definitely good news, if malignancy is found you get called in straight away. Sorry you're having to wait, I know it's awful, but you will hear good news at the end of the wait. X[COLOR="blue"]
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    Re: cyst removal, no news, waiting for biopsy...

    Thank you Mercime, got it, perhaps you could delete the quote from your post?

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    Re: cyst removal, no news, waiting for biopsy...

    I agree. With biopsies etc they do a once over pretty quickly to check if it's bad... then if ok they put it in the general, take its time pile.

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