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    Painless lump in armpit

    Hey everyone,

    This morning I've noticed that I've got a swelling in my armpit that feels like a hard lump. It's not painful or tender at all and it doesn't seem to move. I am scared it's something serious and going to the worst conclusion, but a week ago I had some red patches show up under my armpits (as well as some scaly patches elsewhere) I was recently told I might have a fungal skin infection and was given some antifungal cream to try and get rid of it. It hasn't done anything for it though despite applying it twice daily, and so I'm wondering if I was misdiagnosed.

    However, how likely is it that the swollen lump is due to an infection rather than something like cancer? I have no family history of breast cancer. I'm 31 years old.

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    Re: Painless lump in armpit

    How are you doing? I just saw this post. Did you get it checked out or did it go away?

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    Re: Painless lump in armpit

    No, it hasn't gone away yet and although I tried to see the doctor they didn't think much of it and sent me away with steroid cream for my skin infection. I got a blood test though around a week ago to make sure everything is okay as it wasn't going and it's come back with a note to speak to the doctor, and now I'm terrified as I have to wait until they call back which could be up to 2-3 days. :(

    Needless to say I'm thinking the worst :/

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    Re: Painless lump in armpit

    I know with my gp a note to say to speak to them is not usually serious , otherwise they would have asked you to come to see them. It's probably just a routine follow up. But keep pushing for further tests to put your mind at rest. It could be an ingrown hair, calcium deposit etc. All harmless. Try not to panic but make sure you aren't palmed off.

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    Re: Painless lump in armpit

    Lusmith did yours ever go down? If so how long did it take?

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