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Thread: loss of taste and smell

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    loss of taste and smell

    Hello everyone,

    If you haven't come across me before, I am a long-term health anxiety sufferer. My anxieties are usual focused around breasts and ovaries.
    I haven't been on the site for a while as I was getting a bit obsessed with reading the posts even if was fine myself. I hope I helped some other people along the way but decided to take a break. At the moment I am freaking out about having no taste or smell. I have lost my taste before (nothing to do with a cold) for short periods and my GP said it was something to do with saliva. Now I have had no taste or smell for about a week and am worrying I have a brain tumour. Anyone else experienced this?

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    Re: loss of taste and smell

    How are you doing xx
    Iíve recently noticed stuff tastes bland and loss of smell to a degree too I think, no other symptoms 🤷🏻*♀️

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    Re: loss of taste and smell

    I think you would have more severe symptoms if you had a brain tumor. Have you been tested for covid? Even a mild case could cause those symptoms.

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