Omg, today sucked, like, MAJORLY.
so first i go to this special school for special needs kids.
it was pretty fun, they were all REALLY nice
and they have a farm, with donkeys and pigs and chickens!! i was like, OMG!!! lol and the school is, like, 4/5 guys haha suhhweeeeet
im into that
but there was this total bitch there
i walked into a room cause i was getting a tour.. and a kid pointed to me and this girl and was like 'you two look alike' and she looked at me and was like 'uhh no' and as i was leaving i was like 'SHE WAS A BITCH!' really loud
i will sweep this floor with her ass if i start to go to that school
afterwards i went to burgerking with my father and had a whopper<3 omg it was heaven

after that i come home to my effing cat who SHIT ON THE FLOOR. a big pile of poop on the floor that I had to clean up. then i found out he PEED ON MY SCHOOL WORK that im homebound in and if i didn't get it in i would fail the class
like gross!??
then i find MORE poop in the living room
i want this cat OUT OF MY house
but my stepfather loves him
so he wont
and like, UGHHHH
and then my effing ex boyfriend is whining to me about how his effing girlfriend ignores him and im like 'DUMP HER?' and hes like 'i have hope' and im like 'your an effing dumbass'

and now my best friend is having trouble with her boyfriend and like.. theres just SO MUCH STUFF GOING ON. i have such a bad tension headache.

ughh.. its like.. blahh... hate lol