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    Rhodiola and acupressure

    My doctor told me about Rhodiola Rosea, which is a Siberian herb that has been used to "help promote a healthy response to stress". There are many brands, I personally take the Gaia brand, it's concentrated liquid capsules.

    My current therapist is helping me with EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy).

    My former therapist was working on Lifespan Integration and also showed me acupressure tapping points. If anyone is interested in learning the tapping points I can post them. It's just a lot to type

    Five minute meditation helps calm down nerves. Close your eyes, focus only on your breathing and how it feels in your nose. If any other thoughts come to you, dismiss them. I like to be in a room where there's a clock ticking, too. My mind wanders constantly, and with the ticking in the background I have found I can concentrate better on my breathing.

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    Re: Rhodiola and acupressure

    Hey Shain! I would be really grateful if you wouldn't mind sending me the acupressure points please? Thanks!

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    Re: Rhodiola and acupressure

    I'd love the acupressure points as well please! I get acupuncture regularly and it's hugely helpful for me, but it'd be nice to have something I can do myself in emergency anxiety situations.

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    Re: Rhodiola and acupressure

    Hi, I bought the acupuncture pen from Amazon and it really works, it comes with a book which shows the acupuncture points for anxiety and depression.

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