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Thread: BBC Documentary Seeks M/F 18-30 With Self Image Issues

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    BBC Documentary Seeks M/F 18-30 With Self Image Issues

    Are you based in the UK and aged 18-30?

    Do you dislike the way you look so much that its affecting your everyday life and relationships? Or have you been diagnosed with BDD? Are you looking for answers and do you want help?

    Or are you a friend, partner or relative whos desperately worried about your loved ones self image?

    If so, the BBC is looking to make a sensitive documentary film and would like to speak to you.

    If you would like to know more without any obligation to take part please PM me - thanks!

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    Re: BBC Documentary Seeks M/F 18-30 With Self Image Issues

    Quote Originally Posted by Mercime View Post
    Did you check with admin before posting this?
    They don't need to. The board explains it's there for them to post.

    Since Admin have never raised an issue with the dodgy CH4 programme makers, I doubt they will with the BBC unless someone complains. They usually just ask for enough detail to be given so it understood what it's about but beyond that it's "buyer beware".

    I agree though, they should be vetted but I don't know how they could do some of that given how some of these programme makers operate. For a start, there should be mandatory information like who these people even are, details we can check against, etc.
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