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    hi, i was recently prescribed propranolol to help me with my nighttime anxiety/panic attacks, along with diazapam. I've taken the propranolol the past two nights and it's made me more anxious so yesterday i decided to take a diazapam a few hours after and it helped me quite a lot.

    my question is, can i just not take the propranolol again and instead just take the diazapam whenever i fear a panic attack coming? i ask this question as i read that it's dangerous to stop taking it. thanks

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    Re: help?

    Hi Sam

    Because your prescription is for panic attacks (rather than a heart condition) and you've only been using it for two nights I think you would be fine to stop taking it. However, I am not a doctor so you'd be best to speak to your GP.

    Also, be careful with diazepam. I'm sure you already know this but remember regular use increases tolerance and can lead to physical dependence. It should only be used occasionally, or in the short term, so if you're having regular panic attacks it's not a good long-term solution.

    Best of luck fighting the anxiety and panic attacks - nights have always been the worst for me, too. I hope you get things under control soon.

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