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    Re: For everyone worrying about their IBS symptoms

    I am writing here today because it is the 1st place I thought of when I need some reassurance or advice. My stomach has been feeling a little better, in fact I even felt like I was having more “regular” bm’s even though they are def staggered (1 day on 1 day off). However at times they can still be very soft, like this morning and to be honest when this happens I am afraid to look in lieu of what I might see. It scares me to think I will see blood. The other day I looked at a normal one and it seemed perfectly fine. Normal brown and normal shape.

    The other day I went to my gastro and informed him that everything has been feeling a little better and he said there didn’t seem to be any signs what so ever of anything wrong. This morning as mentioned I had a very soft stool and not a ton came out, I didn’t look. A few hours later I felt like I needed to wipe again, so I did and I looked and there was def a hint of red in some streaks I saw. Not dark dark and not light light but kind of in the middle. This as you can imagine has scared the shit out of me and has created me to feel very anxious (hence me writing this post). I know blood can be many things. I wanted to see what people’s thoughts were and any advice you can give me to help me feel better orrrr to give me advice on something else. I am trying to calm myself down but I keep thinking the worst. Would there always be blood? Why didn’t I see blood the other day? Did I just not notice it? Would I be having other symptoms? My weight hasn’t changed, that’s a good sign right? All these questions are forming in my head.

    At this point, I am ready to just say screw it, schedule the colonoscopy just so I can put my mind at ease or find something out.

    Please any help would be appreciated beyond belief.
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    Re: For everyone worrying about their IBS symptoms

    Hello Scott4582.

    I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling so anxious. Please try not to fret about it. If the blood is red and, therefore, fresh it is most probably from haemorrhoids or a scratch etc and not anything to worry about. Internal haemorrhoids are often painless but do bleed during bowel movements.

    If you are still worrying about things, speak to your doctor but I really wouldn't get yourself stressed about this. A colonoscopy would definitely put your mind at rest over everything.

    Be well.

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    Re: For everyone worrying about their IBS symptoms

    Does anyone feel like they get excessive gas(? I feel like I get gas and then sometimes it will be difficult to pass. I will feel the gas traveling down but a lot of the time I will have to literally force it out to make myself feel better. This worries me because it makes me think that maybe there’s something blocking where the wind is going and that’s why it doesn’t come out naturally. It also even sounds like it’s being forced out. Is this something that other people are having? Is this something that could be real? I’ve been constipated lately with not a lot of stool coming out and the gas is just part of it along with stomach pains. As you can imagine this is worrisome to me and goes along with the whole colon cancer scare.

    Any pointers or similar symptoms from others would be appreciated.

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    Re: For everyone worrying about their IBS symptoms

    Yes, gas is my main problem. It gets trapped in my chest and causes pain which makes me very anxious. But anxiety also causes excess gas and this was confirmed by my doctor. Address your anxiety and this,will sort out your ibs symptoms. I drink chamomile tea, fennel tea, and plenty of water. Dont lie down or sit down for long periods, move around or do some exercise to get that gas moving. Keep your mind occupied to deal with anxiety. Do you take any anti anxiety medication? Maybe your doctor could prescribe something.
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    Re: For everyone worrying about their IBS symptoms

    Quote Originally Posted by Beckybecks View Post
    I'm writing this as much for myself as for everyone else that needs some reassurance. Hopefully the next time I have a flare-up of IBS I'll remember to look back at my posts and save myself a lot of anxiety.

    I've suffered from IBS since I was a child, usually brought on by anxiety but often triggered by bad eating habits and encouraged by anxiety due to the symptoms.

    Like most Health Anxiety sufferers I always think the worst, Google my symptoms and find something terminally wrong with me sound familiar?
    And each time I get a new bout of IBS I do it ALL over again!!!

    The symptoms aren't always the same and new symptoms cause new worries. The worry prolongs and magnifies the symptom.

    I'm going to try and list all the symptoms I can remember and I'm sure you'll find yours on the list.

    Lower right hand side pain (I always think this is appendicitis)
    Pain around navel area
    Pain below ribs
    Upper left hand side pain
    Chest pain (I always think this one is my heart)
    Back pain
    Pain moving from chest all the way down to groin area.
    Alot of wind with constant belching
    Stomach gurgling and grumbling
    Followed by constipation (without taking any medication)
    Acid reflux
    Burning in throat on swallowing food (due to acid)
    Complete loss of appetite
    Weight loss
    Dry mouth
    Bad taste in mouth

    All of the above will disappear if I can get to sleep (even just for a nap). But symptoms return as soon as I'm fully awake and start focusing on my stomach.

    Because I get really anxious when I have these symptoms they can continue for months. I've had flare-ups that have lasted for six months where I've tried eliminating every food I can think of that might cause symptoms and I've been down to only rice and water and STILL in pain and the weight has just dropped off me which of course feeds the imagination....(I've even had to hide the bathroom scale away). As soon as I accept that it's the anxiety that's causing the symptoms, something seems to click in my brain and the symptoms leave like magic.

    What else helps?
    Hot water bottle for pain.
    Walking regularly
    Drinking plenty of water
    The FODMAP diet. Even though my IBS is triggered by anxiety it seems that my gut becomes tender and eating the right foods definitely does help. Or maybe just the fact that I'm trying to do something about it helps....

    The thing is, the symptoms do go. And I can be fine for months and months and eat normally again.

    I've given up going to the doctor, the diagnosis is always the same. They give us pills and send us for tests but what else can they really do? we're looking for reassurance to relieve our anxieties. Another test is one way of providing this.

    At the end of the day it's the anxiety that controls my IBS. I'm sure a lot of you will agree with me.

    I agree with everything you said on this post becky and can relate to every bit of it.

    Thank you so much for your post Becky.. You've brought me clarity
    General Anxiety Disorder for 17 years
    P.T.S.D for 7 years

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    Re: For everyone worrying about their IBS symptoms

    Well Iím back. Things were going so well for a while. Normal bowel movements, at least they felt normal. About two weeks ago however I started to get constipation and loose stools. Now pretty much every morning very little comes out and itís loose. Itís very very frustrating!! I wake up hoping I will go normal and I donít. Iíve also had some sort of vibrating/pulsating feeling in my lower abdomen. Happens every now and then and Iím not sure if itís ever happened prior to this. I Almost fed like it has to do with my constipation but I donít know. Itís very weird and Iím curious if anyone else has ever felt that. The lower abdomen also feels just heavy in general. Like I have to go but I just canít. Iíve taken benefiber, Metamucil and they havenít helped yet. I will admit, I am moving and itís been stressful so that could certainly be the reason behind all this, but I didnít think it was stressed THAT much where it could cause all this. . I am just so frustrated with not being able to go. Whenever this happens I always think of the ďchange in bowel habitsĒ and get scared thatís what Iím having and then of course I think cancer.. one of the last bowel movements I had there were specs of bright red in it. This is crazy but I took a picture, showed to the gastro and he said it was food. But it certainly looked like blood to me! Iíve been to the gastro many times and he is CERTAIN nothing is wrong with me and basically wonít let me get a colonoscopy and thinks it would be absurd for me to do so at my age (36). I slightly disagree with him. Can anyone else speak to any of the above? The pulsating feeling in the lower abdomen..the heavy feeling where I press down on it and I certainly feel like I have to go but just canít. And when I do itís very very little. Iíd appreciate any comments on any of the above.

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    Re: For everyone worrying about their IBS symptoms

    urghh I'm sorry you're getting a flare up it's sucks
    I can only really comment on the pulsating thing, I get a similar thing I think, I'm assuming it's just gas moving around? Or blood circulation in that area Just another one of those weird things to put on the list of the joys of IBS!

    Best wishes

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    Re: For everyone worrying about their IBS symptoms

    I get the feeling like something is moving around in my stomach as well.
    One day at a time

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    Re: For everyone worrying about their IBS symptoms

    BeckyBecks I know your post is from a few years ago, but I've just read it and completely identify with it. I've had IBS on and off for many years and mostly just avoid triggers such as onions. However, for the last few weeks I've been really suffering, and especially the last week to 10 days. I believe my anxiety has triggered it this time. I'm sure that many, many people feel just the same at the moment. I mostly sleep ok, but the minute I'm awake my tummy goes into knots immediately and I'm unable to eat much at all, except maybe a yoghurt. I've spoken to my dr on the phone, and been prescribed Buscopan for the cramps and diarrhoea. My question to anyone who's reading this is has anyone completely lost their appetite?? I don't even feel like eating and just feel nauseous all the time. I know its it's probably my anxiety causing it but I don't know how to make it stop.

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    Re: For everyone worrying about their IBS symptoms

    Anxiety almost always triggers IBS for me. And although the doctor tells me it's not food related I find that once I'm having a flare-up there are definitely foods that affect me.
    Sounds like you have the same problem. It's a loop that we get into with anxiety causing IBS symptoms and those symptoms causing anxiety and on and on it goes.
    So, obviously, but easier said than done, especially in our current circumstances, the anxiety has to be tackled. Do whatever you can that you find works for you. Deep breathing, walking, CBT, medication (I take Lorazepam sometimes) and I've recently discovered Guided Imagery a type of meditation for anxiety and there's plenty to choose on YouTube.
    I've not had much success with Buscopan but it can help to relax the colon sometimes. I believe there's one specifically for IBS now so that might be worth a try. A heat pad or hot water bottle is my best friend too.

    Avoid any gas forming food like onions, garlic, cauliflower, broccoli and fatty or processed food. Its trial and error here but I found gluten didn't agree with me either. Not that you cant ever have them again, but just for now to give your tummy a rest.
    Try some soothing herbal teas. I like chamomile.

    Above all your mind needs to understand that anxiety is the cause of this and nothing else. Once that clicks things will get easier.

    Yes I always lose my appetite when I have a flare-up of IBS. It's the anxiety that does it and causes nausea and diarrhea too. The fact that you sleep ok and the symptoms appear when you wake up is a confirmation that you have IBS and not something else, according to my doctor.

    Try to eat regularly and eat bland food like rice and grilled chicken without spices or oil. Drink plenty of water and tea.

    Be kind to yourself and try to accept that while the world is going through this crisis anxiety will definitely rear its head and cause various symptoms. But they'll go in time. Maybe your doctor could give you something for anxiety too?
    Hope this helps and that you feel better soon.

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