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Thread: Been taking Pristiq fora month, not getting better.

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    Been taking Pristiq fora month, not getting better.

    I'm on 25 mg of pristiq for a month. I don't think I can take this anymore. I'm still having panic attacks, god they suck so bad. I'm sore, but I feel like this drug is giving me alot of energy and I don't want that. I already have too much energy from my major anxiety and I have major depression.

    I think I want to stop this drug. I thought it was helping because my heartburn didn't hurt so bad after I started to take it, but I dont know, I don't trust it anymore. I'm still having panic attacks, I feel like I'm getting worse.

    Can I just stop taking this drug? I don't want to take it anymore. I'm done.

    I'm afraid of withdrawal, but like i cant stand to take the drug anymore, and being that its a low dose, im hoping it will just get better if I stop because it's not really helping. I don't know.

    I'm suffering and I just dont know what to do. Medication is failing. I'm majorily depressed. I can't take the panic attacks anymore. I just want to fall asleep and sleep normally without having a panic attack.

    I want to eat something and not fear heart burn.

    I hate feeling intense pain all the time.

    I'm so tired of taking deep breathes, i can never breath right and this has been going on for 2 years almost.

    Do I continue to take it longer? Is 30 days not long enough? Its so hard because Im afraid of meds. I'm afraid they will make me worse and the last 3 Anti depressants Ive taken have made me worse.

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    Re: Been taking Pristiq fora month, not getting better.

    I'd say a month isn't long enough to get the benefits, especially if you are on a low dose. BUT if you are suffering then you need to call someone for advice. Maybe it's not a good med for you?

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    Re: Been taking Pristiq fora month, not getting better.

    I just saw the doctor yesterday. He left it up to me lol. I mean, I was kinda being postive saying that it was helping a little bit because I was having a lot of heart burn pain and stomach pain, and by taking the meds, that went away...

    BUT, it seems like it helped for a little bit, but now I feel like im getting worse. I don't want to eat. Ive had severe anxiety all day where it feels like I feel everything in my body and head is gonna explode.

    I'm tired, I tried to go to sleep, but I have a anxiety attack where my muscles tense up. It's just torture.

    I'm just really trying to want this medication to work, but god today and last night have just been so awful.

    I don't want to quit because for me, it just gets worse and I've suffered the worst for 2 years and I can't really take it anymore.

    I have 3 options... stay on the current dose, try the 50mg dose, or quit it entirely and pray I don't have any w/d.

    I guess I'm just looking for some answers as to wether or not I'm taking a high enough dose to cure the anxiety... problem is, I just have so much anxiety just taking the damn thing.

    About 6 days ago, I was having anxiety attacks and that night I had a major cry. It's really hard to cry on this med, but I was able too. I felt better for the next 5-6 days, but now I think I just need to cry again, i dunno. I just hate what I went through all day today. I dont know if I just need to muscle through it and give the medication more time.

    I want the med to work because this med was one of the few that would work according to the gene test.

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    Re: Been taking Pristiq fora month, not getting better.

    Hi. I would try stick it out for at least another two weeks. I'm probably not the best person to give advice though. I lasted 5 days on Ven and 2 days on a tricyclic. I did do a 10 year stint on Sert though, so that may make up for it. Do you mind if I ask what other meds you have tried and for how long? Crying is good, it relieves the built up tension. I find the gene test thing really interesting. Good luck with everything. You may be very close to success, so try hang in there if you can. I know it sucks and is so terribly hard. Tracy
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    Re: Been taking Pristiq fora month, not getting better.

    I tried Brintellix and Lexapro for a month each. Brintellix made me very sick, lexapro gave me severe anxiety.

    Pristiq feels like its trying to treat the depression, but not really working for the anxiety. It also gave me more energy which I don't want more energy... I felt the urge to have to move all the time, so didn't like that one bit.

    I stopped taking it today. I hope because it wasn't helping, that I might get a little better. I just hope I don't get worse.

    Anyway, meds work differently for everyone. I'm very anxious, so symptoms could be just be me because I have so much anxiety taking the medication. I just don't trust it. I've just had bad experiences with medication, and I'm afraid of it.

    I wanted it to work, but I think I'm done with it.

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