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    Repeat Urine Test

    I am so bloody worried. I had a urine and blood test. Bloods came back fine but was waiting on urine test as I had white floaters in my urine. Well today I get a letter from my surgery saying"

    We are in receipt of the result of your recent urine test dated 06 Oct 2016 and should be pleased if you would call into the surgery in order to collect the form and bottle require to repeat this urine test"

    I'm panicking that I have something that could turn out to be cancer :(

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    Re: Repeat Urine Test

    I hate it when you have to get retested or have a weird result.

    I had something similar with my last test but it was just an anamoly. cancer is highly unlikely (that 1 in 2 statistic they say everywhere now is because we live longer and cancer is more likely the older you get)

    try not to scare yourself too much.

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    Re: Repeat Urine Test

    I hate those damn letters.

    It could be something as simple as a bladder infection or a screw up with the lab.
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