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    Exclamation Anxiety and swallowing

    Recently my anxiety has been so bad, I have been really stuggling to swallow my own saliva. I just wanted to know if this is normal? I worry about pretty much everything that doesn't seem normal to me. I feel as if the saliva gets stuck at the back of my mouth! Feels so horrible!

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    Re: Anxiety and swallowing

    It is normal Katie, so don't worry. It's a really common symptom of anxiety and I get it, as well as sooo many other people on here as you can see in the 'throat/swallowing' section. Anxiety can cause so many different physical sensations that can seem like there's something physically wrong, when in fact it's just the anxiety.
    I know it's a horrible feeling, but you're going to be fine. It's just a symptom of the anxiety.
    'If you're going through hell, keep going...' - Sir Winston Churchill
    'This too shall pass...'

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