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Thread: Mirtazapine 45mg

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    Mirtazapine 45mg

    Hi, I'm starting to get confused and I wondered if Forum users can help please.I have insomnia and was prescribed Mirtazapine first 15mg and 30mg, both of which had no effect.This has now been upped to 45mg starting tonight but from what I'm hearing that drug can keep you awake.

    Can someone help please?


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    Re: Mirtazapine 45mg

    My understanding is it is sedating at low doses but not high doses. Is it being prescribed for depression? If so the doc may be wanting to increase it to reduce depression which may help sleep indirectly?

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    Re: Mirtazapine 45mg

    Mitazipine is dopamine and serotonin. The lower the dose the more dopamine. I take 45mg and struggle with sleep. The lower the dose the easier to sleep. Thats what I found x

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    Re: Mirtazapine 45mg

    Its being prescribed for depression, but I've read that 45mg might actually cause insomnia!I struggle to sleep too.

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    Re: Mirtazapine 45mg

    Maybe try some relaxation techniques an hour before bed? Nice hot bath? Xx

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    Re: Mirtazapine 45mg

    Been on this 45mg for a week now , not noticed anything.

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    Re: Mirtazapine 45mg


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    Re: Mirtazapine 45mg

    I was on 45mgs for years and slept like a log! Now I am on 15mgs and sleep more normally. So don't believe everything you read about it. You are more likely not to sleep well taking the higher dose because you expect not to. Take and forget about it.

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    Re: Mirtazapine 45mg

    Hi Chris,

    There is a general view that it is more sedating at lower doses, with perhaps the optimum on this front being around 7.5mg to 15mg.

    For a time I was on 45mg; one thing to consider is splitting the dose (you will probably need a pill cutter) - e.g. one-quarter (11.25mg) at night, 33.75mg in the AM. This worked for me. Discuss this your doctor first before actioning however.


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