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Thread: Gone but not forgotten!

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    Gone but not forgotten!

    Not wanting to be depressing but I feel the need to remember the talented and inspiring people we have lost this year. The world would be a worse place without their contributions:

    • David Bowie
    • Alan Rickman
    • Glenn Frey
    • Terry Wogan
    • Frank Kelly
    • George Kennedy
    • Harper Lee
    • Tony Warren
    • George Martin
    • Keith Emerson
    • Paul Daniels
    • Ronnie Corbett
    • Denise Robertson
    • David Gest
    • Victoria Wood (a special mention to Victoria - I miss you )
    • Prince
    • Carla Lane
    • Muhammad Ali
    • Anton Yelchin
    • Caroline Aherne
    • Kenny Baker
    • Gene Wilder
    • Alexis Arquette
    • Bobby Vee
    • Pete Burns
    • Arnold Palmer
    • Jean Alexander
    • Leonard Cohen
    • Robert Vaughn
    • Andrew Sachs
    • Peter Vaughan
    • Greg Lake
    • Ian McCaskill
    • Zsa Zsa Gabor
    • Rick Parfitt
    • George Michael
    • Liz Smith
    • Carrie Fisher

    Sorry for anyone I've missed and please feel free to add but this list is already far too long. Please let this be it for the rest of 2016.

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    Re: Gone but not forgotten!

    Nice thought Pipkin.
    We always lose to many at Christmas time.
    Seems to be daily at the moment.
    But the 'Stones' keep rocking on and on and on....

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    Re: Gone but not forgotten!

    just saw that richard adams the watership down author has passed away as well, he was 96.
    I know as we get older we see more recognisable names dying but this is the worst year I can ever remember.
    I hope they`ve got david attenborough in a safe place, I love that man and everything he does is magical. need him to live to about 135 at least.

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    Re: Gone but not forgotten!

    Fidel Castro survived 150 assassination attempts, but even he couldn't survive 2016.

    David Bowie was a bit of a hero of mine and I still can't quite get my head around him being dead. I really won't be sorry to see the back of this year.

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    Re: Gone but not forgotten!

    It's been a terrible year, losing so many great people. It's bad enough when they're older but David Bowie, George Michael, Victoria Wood, Caroline Aherne and Alan Rickman. Awful.

    Not drowning, but waving

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    Re: Gone but not forgotten!

    hard to keep track who has died this year, even my sister boyfriend was struggling to remember all the names.

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    Re: Gone but not forgotten!

    Just saw that Carrie Fisher passed :(


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    Re: Gone but not forgotten!

    Yeah still gutted about Bowie. He is my absolute hero and miss him everyday.

    It all started with another of my heroes last year, Rik Mayall. What a man.

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    Re: Gone but not forgotten!

    of all of them it was caroline aherne that really got to me, she was battling various cancers for 10 years or more and always had a sad look in her eyes no matter what she was doing as if she was worried about something, even back in her mrs merton days.

    very scant consolation but she was hilarious, touching, real, and probably meant more to people than she ever realised and her work on the royle family brought me to tears more than once.

    and rik mayall, I still remember when the young ones started how naughty it felt to be watching it, then his big break in Drop dead fred, and the risk they took letting him read jackanory which went incredibly well because of his amazing delivery. just a force of nature.

    all logic and rationale to one side, I`ll be very glad to see the back of this year.

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    Re: Gone but not forgotten!

    George Michael. What a great voice. Alan Rickman what a good actor. Love Actually. So many memories of all the departed you mentioned Pikin x

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