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    hey, my name is Amelia... i just had a baby 6 weeks ago.. i dont know if this can be contributing to my anxiety, and panic... just last week i had this off balance dizzy feeling.. i started googling my symptoms and i ended up going to the doctors to get checked for a brain tumor ( i convinced myself i had one). Well my doctor checked me over and said she didn't think i had one and that she thought it was a sinus infection. so i left and continued to google and believe i had a brain tumor... my anxiety sky rocketed i ended up going to the emergency room 3 times within a few days i got every test under the sky to see if there was an underlying medical issue for my off balance feeling. i didn't trust or believe the doctors so my anxiety got worse which led to a panic attack i lost my appetite, i cant sleep for more then 2 hrs a night i keep waking up in panic my whole body is shaking purfusly... i ended up checking myself into the psych ward here at the hospital because i am to scared to go home i cant watch TV or take care of my baby or clean my thoughts are racing super bad and wont stop which is causing more anxiety. all my muscles are tense to the max.. they started me on Gabapentin and Prozac i feel like i am getting worse not better. i feel as if i am loosing my mind the anxiety and thoughts and panic wont go away ! i am dizzy .... i feel like i cant breathe sometimes and i cant seem to get a grip on my own thoughts i feel alone. i just want to get better for my baby and go home! i feel like i am never going to get better!!!!!

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    Re: Anxiety/panic/ocd/ppd

    If it makes you feel better I've gone through the same thing with dizziness before and thinking it was a brain tumor. That was about 6 years ago. Dizziness is just another anxiety symptom for me now. Actually hardly get it anymore. I also went on prozac and it had helped me tremendously.

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