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Thread: No More Panic on Wikipedia

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    No More Panic on Wikipedia

    Hi all

    Some time ago I editied a few pages on wikipedia and added links to NMP. Since then NMP has had quite a lot of people visiting the site fom Wikipedia.

    I think its about time that NMP had its own page on Wikipedia. I have started the page and when thinking about what to write as the content I thought it would be a good idea for the NMP members to contribute and effectivly write it rather than me do it.

    So what would we like ....

    What we would like is for people to post in this thread with how you would describe NMP to other people (keep it clean ). Now there are a few things to bear in mind

    1) Any entry in Wiki must not be from a personal point of view, i.e. it needs to be a decription of what the site does/stands for

    2) Do not use ANY personal references or relate any comments to others

    3) Keep it clean

    I could write the page myself but I feel its far better that the members start the page off.
    If you post a contribution and you DO NOT want me to edit it thwn please say so when you post.

    Not all of the posts that are made will be used so please do NOT be offended if you post and its not used



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    Re: No More Panic on Wikipedia

    Maybe something like online community (I hate the term website cuz we are so much more than that) providing support and information for people with anxiety related illnesses (I don't like the word illness either but only thing I could think of - picky ain't I - LOL)
    You are the brainy one Alex - what do you have in mind?

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    Re: No More Panic on Wikipedia

    good start sandy

    maybe "NMP is a relaxed online community website designed to help those troubled by anxiety related problems to support one another, share information and advice, make contacts and work together."

    then perhaps some info about when it was first thought of and put on the net and things like that, names of admins and mods, dates and everything... oh and about the get-togethers!

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    Re: No More Panic on Wikipedia

    Hiya Alex, heres my take on things, I to like the description online community, sounds very together and supportive.


    Are you someone who is suffering from anxiety disorders?

    Are you trying to understand your symptoms related to your anxiety?

    Is your anxiety affecting the quality of your life?

    Do you often feel alone and isolated with your thoughts and feelings?

    Do you need support for your recovery?

    Accredited by the National Health Service, No more panic is an online community service, supporting people just like you. The site is developed and maintained by dedicated administrators who understand how anxiety can affect the life of sufferers.

    Stress can affect people in different ways. May be you or someone you know is suffering from General anxiety, Panic attacks, OCD, Agoraphobia, specific phobias and Health anxiety. If you are looking for Support and understanding to aid your recovery, then this is where No More Panic can make a difference to you and those you care about.

    No more Panic provides, a free online membership for their members, information on specific anxiety related disorders and supported moderated community forums. As a valued member, No more panic is committed to making a difference, supporting you along your journey of recovery!

    All the best Sky

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    Re: No More Panic on Wikipedia

    Thanks for the contributions, please keep them coming


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