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Thread: Biopsy.

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    Does anyone know how long a biopsy result takes? I have read online a few days but thought it would be longer. It's a week tomorrow since i had it done, hoping they would have been in touch if it was bad.

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    Re: Biopsy.

    its been my understanding the longer it takes the more the odds are in your favor but Ive never had one before. Sending you warm and fuzzies for the wait and let us know when its back .
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    Re: Biopsy.

    I had a breast biopsy on a Monday and the doctor called me on a Saturday. It was benign.

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    Re: Biopsy.

    a doctor once told me that at the lab, they do initial screen first. any samples that seem bad, they have high priority and result will come fast. So longer it takes, the higher chance it's benign.

    When i had my breast lump biopsy, it took 1.5weeks to get final result, but the surgeron got the beign diagnosis first about 1 week in. The extra half week, they took for extra checking once it was determined as benign.

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    Re: Biopsy.

    I still haven't heard anything.

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