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Thread: Pulmonary embolism? Terrified

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    Unhappy Pulmonary embolism? Terrified

    I am terrified of DVT/PE. Every little pain in my legs I think I have a clot. About a 20 days ago I had bad stinging pains behind my knee, and now pinkish tender spot on my upper thigh (other leg). I have major air hunger, no deep breath feels truly satisfying. I have random chest and back pains all day, upper back, lower back, shoulder blades, left chest, right chest, weird fluttering, etc. I can't sleep! Rarely does the pain intensify with breathing. These symptoms have been occurring for like a month (haven't gotten worse, and they come and go). I'm losing my mind. Physical activity isn't too taxing.

    I went to the cardiologist about 20 days ago as well and ruled out heart problems (echo and stress test all good). I went to the ER the next night when my upper back hurt with deep breaths. They did blood tests (not sure if d-dimer, though I mentioned I was scared of PE) and a chest X ray and said it looked good, but clots can't show up on CXRs! They did no CTs. I am a 22 year old male with no risk factors (grandmother died of PE) but something tells me all day long that I have clots. Can someone help? I know my symptoms don;t seem TOO intense but I read that many DVT/PE cases don't have ANY symptoms! wtf? That's terrifying.

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    Re: Pulmonary embolism? Terrified

    All your symptoms could so easily be caused purely by severe muscle tensing due to your anxiety. The hospital would have done a d dimer test as standard and your own Dr could tell you what tests they did as they will have sent a report ( not sure if this is standard in USA but certainly this happens in UK).

    The more you worry the more your whole body tenses so the more symptoms and pain you get.

    Having known a couple of people who had PE in both cases the onset was sudden and severe and they had extreme breathlessness and their blood tests were totally wrong as well.

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