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Thread: Have internet searches fueled your health anxiety?

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    Have internet searches fueled your health anxiety?

    Hello all:

    I'm a college student, and for the past month I've been working on a project at school, taking a look at how online health information contributes to health anxiety. As part of that project, I created this website as a tool to help people who experience health anxiety as a result of their online searches.

    A few things about the website:
    1) I'm not making money off of it - it's purely informational.
    2) The goal of the website is not to discourage people from looking for health information online. Rather, it is to educate users about the nature of online health information, and to help people from falling into certain pitfalls that might lead to unnecessary anxiety.
    3) The website has a forum in which users can interact and share stories about their own "cyberchondria," as well as an interesting reading list section.

    My motivation for working on this project is my own continuing struggle with internet-fueled health anxiety. I hope that the information on this website can help some people out. I'd love to hear any comments/suggestions about the website, as it is by no means finished!
    "O the mind, mind has mountains; cliffs of fall"
    -Gerard Manley Hopkins

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    Re: Have internet searches fueled your health anxiety?

    Thanks for the share

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