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Thread: Worried over my first Mammogram

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    Worried over my first Mammogram

    Hi Everyone

    I have to have Mammogram next week and im really anxious and scared about it. I am 36 but i was born male but discovered i was actually intersex during puberty. I chose to live as a guy and took testosterone and estrogen blockers all my life until about 2 years ago.

    Ive struggled with my gender since puberty, and i got to a stage where i realised i want to be a woman, so i stopped all my medication and ive let nature take its due course.

    Ive developed breasts and had a few lumps come up over the past 12 months, ive had an ultrasound and a micro biopsy on one which came back as fatty tissue. But now ive been told i need a mammogram just as a check.

    I suffer terrible anxiety and im getting worked up just thinking about it

    Its scary and i still find things like this embarrassing so i have no idea how im actually going to go in there with out having a panic attack. I just wanted to vent a little, it helps me when i talk about stuff.


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    Re: Worried over my first Mammogram

    Hey. While I can't help you with your anxiety over fatty lumps, I can tell you that I'm the same age as you and I've had two mammograms due to pain in my boobs. I found them ok; basically they just slap it on a flat plate and press down with a machine. I never found that it hurt. I was lucky in that they found no lumps. I also had an ultrasound and they tell you the result instantly. I wish you the best of luck and also I hope you manage to come to terms with what gender you want to be. (I don't know if I've phrased that correctly; if not I'm sorry) x

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