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Thread: Coloured mucus

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    Coloured mucus

    Hi everyone.

    First of all, sorry for being so graphic in my description below.

    My health anxiety is way out of control at the moment, all centred, yet again, on bowel issues.

    I've always been in the constipated side, never going every day, maybe every other day or sometimes three days.

    Anyway for well over a year I have been sometimes having a motion that is half hard (Bristol Chart 2) then half normal. The hard part has mucus (I think) around it. The mucus? Is mid brown colour, sometimes dark orange colour. There is none in the normal part. As I turned 60 last April I received a NHS stool test in the post. At the time I had a bad episode of this and sent some of it off for testing. All the tests came back negative, but I still have it. Sometimes worse than other times.

    I know everyone has mucus in their stools, but I thought it was clear colour. This is definitely not. My fear is that it is blood.

    Has anyone else ever experienced this.

    Once again, sorry for being so graphic in my description.

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    Re: Coloured mucus

    Yes I have. It's pretty normal, especially as you tend towards constipation. It's also very good news that your stool tests were negative as they pick up minuscule traces of blood.

    I'd try not to look too hard at your stools. You've been given the all-clear, blood-wise

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    Re: Coloured mucus

    Thank you so much for your reply.

    I should have added to my post that as well as suffering from constipation, I suffer from hemoroids, which have been diagnosed by my doctor with two proctoscopy examinations. These also flair up from time to time, with bright red blood showing on the toilet paper, but this clears up rapidly. Do you think this could cause the brown mucus discharge too.

    Do you have this at all times? Do you know of anything that would help clear it up?

    Any help from anyone else would,also be appreciated.

    Thanks again.

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