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Thread: Exhaustion during a panic attack?

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    Exhaustion during a panic attack?

    I was wondering if anybody here has ever gotten extremely tired all of a sudden DURING a panic attack.

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    Re: Exhaustion during a panic attack?

    Yep that's actually common, because panic attacks give you an adrenaline burst it's not unnatural to feel tired because it kind of burns us out almost like coming down from an energy high i get this quite a lot x

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    Re: Exhaustion during a panic attack?

    Yup, every time. The comedown hits like a wave of exhaustion. I figure all of the minutes/hours of worry that lead to a panic attack are quite draining on the body, and once the anxiety climaxes, there are no resources left.

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    Re: Exhaustion during a panic attack?

    Yes. It's common to feel wiped out after an attack but it's s more relaxed tiredness / a relief. The tiredness I get DURING an attack is not relaxing or relieving. It makes me feel heavy-headed, like its hard to breathe, and I'm going to pass out. My eyes feel strained too. It's not that right before dozing off to sleep kind of tired, that is pleasant. Is that what you mean? I'm asking my psychologist today why I feel tired and weak during panic instead of energised which I thought adrenaline was supposed to do. The tiredness freaks me out and it's extreme.
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