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Thread: How to find the right therapist...

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    How to find the right therapist...

    I have decided to go through cognitive brain therapy. But I was wondering what the best way is to find the right therapist. How did you go about finding one and if so has this type of therapy worked for any of you?

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    Re: How to find the right therapist...

    Where I live there's a charity organization that offers part time CBT which is how I got it, maybe you could try looking up online or asking a doctor? x

    All the best
    - Laine

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    Re: How to find the right therapist...

    I agree that finding the right therapist is crucial to recovery, as the wrong therapist can create more harm than good, as happened to my daughter. I've never actually seen one myself so not sure what a session involves, and the family didn't know she was having therapy sessions until she started asking us about the past...mostly about my divorce from her dad over 20 years ago when she was a little girl, because she had no real memory of it. She told me the therapist had suggested tying up loose ends from the past.

    All it has achieved is that she has blamed me for the divorce which "took her dad away to marry another woman"' and has decided I'm not going to her wedding in April, and she refuses to talk to me now. If I try to contact her she ignores me completely, yet there was never any problems between us before this, she and I were great friends and always had a laugh when we got together. I'm devastated.

    So my opinion of counselling is quite low just now as you can imagine, although rationally I know there are good therapists out there, but I read so many posts on here about people being disappointed with their counselling sessions. For me personally, my daughter's therapist has broken up my family. Please make sure you find the right one to help you. I wish you well.

    Take care
    Cath x
    Without fear there cannot be courage - Christopher Paolini

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