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Thread: How do you log back in to CBT4panic?

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    How do you log back in to CBT4panic?

    I just started CBT4panic. I was wondering how you access the things you purchased on another device. I can't find the log in or the downloads page. Anyone know how to access it?

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    I can't find the downloads site. What do I have to type into the browser?

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    Re: How do you log back in to CBT4panic?

    This is the author. He doesn't come here so no idea if he will get a PM:

    I would pose your question to Admin. I don't think there are many people still on the forum who have used it so not sure what kind of response you will get.

    Nic might know.

    Do you have a contact point for Robin Hall? He has another website for his therapy practice I can direct you to if not. He advertises the product on there too.
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    Re: How do you log back in to CBT4panic?

    I Know it's possible to sync all your devices together. EG It's like with me if I am viewing something like a You Tube video on my pc and I have only watched it half way through then I go to You Tube via my phone in essence I should be able to continue watching that same video where I left it on my pc? Type in the exact same address username and password like you did on the originating device and it will all be there as it's server side and not device dependant, If that makes sense Cheers

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