So far had a bit of a dry mouth but only in the mornings. Felt a bit drunk and unsteady on my feet but nothing to serious. Had some blurred vision but nothing to serious. Feel more tired than normal but nothing to serious. Its only been 3 days at 35 mg so maybe that is why side effects are not hectic. I am meant to go up to 75mg on the fifth day. I am on day 3. At the moment I am feeling quite positive about this. Hopefully I am not speaking to soon. Surprised this med is not used more often. Definitely have less anxiety and no panic attacks. Early days yet but tust thought I would report on how its gone so far in cas others are considering it. I am wondering if I should take this med at noght because of the tiredness. The Doctor said it was up to what was comfortable for me as long as I stuck to whatever schedule I choose. I know not many people are on this med but in case some are, what times do you find it best to take it?