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Thread: Mammogram results - worried!!

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    Mammogram results - worried!!

    I went for a mammogram yesterday (had to go private or i'd be waiting months). The good news is that as far as the mammogram is concerned everything was ok. The lady who did the mammo for me left the room for a few minutes to show it to the doctor. He said the mammogram was fine but told her to ask me if i had diabetes. Apparently some of the veins that showed up in the mammogram were white in colour and that can indicate diabetes. I'll probably have to get tested for that and have to live with it if it's positive. But what's concerning me is could it be a sign of anything else, something more serious? I know my HA mind is again in overdrive. Surely he would have said if it could be a sign of something else, wouldn't he?
    Has anyone else ever had this on a mammogram or have any reassuring words for me?

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    Re: Mammogram results - worried!!

    Now how many mammograms have you had in the past year? I can't remember your whole story.

    So if it were anything serious they wouldn't tell you your mammogram was fine. End of story.

    If they think you might have disbetes well, change your lifestyle and manage it. Lose weight, exercise, healthy diet yada yada. If you were walking around with diabetes and not know it then it's not very bad to being with.

    Also, just because something indicates something, doesn't mean that's the cause. For example, low blood pressure could indicate shock (sorry tired couldn't think of a better example) yet I consistently run super super low.. just how I'm built. But I'm not being rushed to the ICU every routine visit.

    Just try to relax and let the doctors do their job! HA is not your brains friend.
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