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Thread: An interesting website

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    An interesting website
    Just wandering on internet and I found this website
    You can make music by tapping on the squares. Try it!

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    Re: An interesting website

    wow, so cool. Didn't know this technology can exist in a website.

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    Re: An interesting website

    the site needs Flash being enabled. Actually, most modern browsers disabled it in default. For cool websites, it reminds me a nice tool that could remove password from Windows without the need to reinstall Windows.

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    Re: An interesting website

    Flash is dead, it's a security problem. But there's a lot of work being done with the web api. There's a lot of tools that exist in this area.

    Novation Launchpad (similar to pads):
    Chrome Music Experiments:
    An entire digital audio workstation (DAW):
    And another (DAW):

    There's so many. I have a huge list of them somewhere.
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