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Thread: virtual reality and agoraphobia

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    virtual reality and agoraphobia

    I keep hearing information about the use of VR in treating phobias, namely agoraphobia.
    I just wondered if anyone has had any experience of this- either trying it at home with google cardboard, occulus etc, or maybe even in a professional environment?
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    Re: virtual reality and agoraphobia

    Oh wow, No I haven't heard of this, I know they use it for some combat vets who suffer from PTSD, hmmm wonder if it would work for phobias. Will have to research it and see.
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    Re: virtual reality and agoraphobia

    Part of me says, we'd know we were in our houses and that it wasn't real, but then again, that might be a good thing, because we'd associate the walk with the calmness we feel at home.

    I'd be interested in trying it

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