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Thread: Valley at top of head

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    Valley at top of head


    Never really used to worry about anything health related (except bad paper cuts) but recently I've become paranoid and sensitive to pretty much everything.

    Recently I've been obsessing over what I guess would best be described as a small valley running roughly from the crown of my head to a few inches down the back of my head. If I run my finger from ear to ear, when I get to the top of my head, it feels like it drops off a little cliff, down into a small valley, back up a little cliff on the other side. The valley feels fairly hard, pretty shallow and about 1cm wide

    I know it's most likely natural and this could have been there forever but any reassurances would be appreciated.


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    Re: Valley at top of head

    Its most likely how your skull fused when you were a baby. Sounds nothing to worry about xx

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    Re: Valley at top of head

    With respect, this one made me chuckle a bit. Other than glass, show me a skull that's perfectly rounded and symmetrical And yeah, paper cuts suck!

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    Re: Valley at top of head

    This also made me laugh but it because I had the same worry about a year ago. Anytime I saw a bald guy I would stare at the top of his head to see if there was a bump or ridge there. I made my wife feel the top of my head, she just laughed and rolled her eyes.

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