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Thread: drunken feelin just came over me feel strange

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    drunken feelin just came over me feel strange

    hi just came home from work had my tea now all of a sudden i feel as thou ive just come in from a night out. its quite scary really also ive got this bitter taste in my mouth.still got this annoying buzzing in my ears which has gone on for far to long its drivin me nuts.sick to death with all these symptoms wot have we all done to deserve this its just not fair this is not living its an existence the only time off from all these thoughts and worrys is when were a sleep well me anyway ha. went back to see my gp and all she has to say is im suffering from depersonalization and anxiety wonderful i say isnt it nice to be gifted.

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    Re: drunken feelin just came over me feel strange

    Are you on any medication? Sounds like what I had on and off when I first started on Seroxat, and I get it if I miss a dose.


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    Re: drunken feelin just came over me feel strange

    hi hun yes ive been takin dotherpin for 11years belive it ur not without a break the funny thing about it they say you shouldent be on meds for such along time i suppose she dosent think 11years is long ha

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