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Thread: How do we know when to seek medical help??

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    How do we know when to seek medical help??

    I've had so many posts here about numerous symptoms I don't know should I laugh or cry at them
    I've worried about everything, from head to toe, so I don't know any more when I'm over reacting or when it's time to say I probably should get that checked out.
    I'm currently worried about something (not going in to the details). Most of the time I think I'm justified in being concerned. I do have these symptoms and I should get them checked out. Then the odd time I wonder if I'm over reacting to something gone slightly wrong in my body. Things happen, our bodies aren't perfect, we're going to have blips every now and then. And I know my anxiety makes me completely focus on whatever is "wrong".
    I guess I'm asking that question: "What would a normal person do?"

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    Re: How do we know when to seek medical help??

    I feel exactly the same. You cant help feeling what you are feeling. I was going to write a post asking people what makes them anxious? Is it the thought of an illness causing HA or a twinge or twitch that causes the HA?! I get worked up when I have a prolonged twinge, in my case its dizziness or head pain. This makes me anxious and then I think there's something serious wrong with me but the next day I feel ok and think I've over reacted. I don't go and see the GP though, that makes me feel more anxious in case I'm told there really is something wrong which I suppose is quite ignorant of me.

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