Finaly getting near coming off trazadone.been on it for nearly 5 years now and at one point was on 250mg..never helped my anxiety or depression...its taken me over a year to get to 40ml now and do feel a bit better in myself.i feel more in the real world and not foggy head when i wake as i did for many many aim is to come off in the next two months then im coming off my 2.5mg sick of taking medication for the rest of my life that is not going to see how i feel in myself without any meds because im convinced underneth the meds is my old self,welk a big part of my old me and the meds have covered up who i far im having better days again since lowering the only getting about 6 hrs sleep now days but dont wake up feeling like i need another 10 hrs and feel clear in my head..i still have my anxietys dont get me wrong,but not as bad as they have suposed to be starting up mitazipine but im not even going to bother starting another drug..i want to be drug free and recover myself.