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Thread: Testicle dull ache

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    Testicle dull ache

    I've had a dull ache/discomfort going on in my right testicle for somewhere around a month now. It seems to be really bad when I'm sitting in certain positions but sometimes it not there at all. It radiates to my groin/thigh area as well. Has anyone experienced anything similar? I've "examined" myself and nothing seems wrong.

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    Re: Testicle dull ache

    Best thing to do if you are worried pop to your GP who will give your testicles a feel, I am no doctor but you may have an infection.

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    Re: Testicle dull ache

    Just been through exactly this, turned out to be varicoceles. Quite possibly an infection if not. Pain and no obvious lump is a good indicator for something benign, but always good to get things checked "down there", even the very worst case scenario (which is hugely unlikely) is easily sorted.

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    Re: Testicle dull ache

    I had something similar and it was nothing...very likely because of sitting position. When I focused on it, it was always there...I forgot it and it's not anymore. Just HA

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