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Thread: 24 hour ECG

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    24 hour ECG


    I've just had an appointment come through for a 24 hour ECG monitor for the 12th May. My GP referred me for one following several panic attacks that sent my heart rate through the roof.
    I've had 5 Ecgs in the past month, which were all normal but she said she would refer me for this to 'make sure'.

    I will admit, this has set my anxiety off a little today. I'm already nervous about what they will find, if anything. Does anyone in the UK know how long it takes to get the results?

    Thanks xxx

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    Re: 24 hour ECG

    I wouldn't worry if you don't hear anything at all. I didn't hear anything at all nor did I get any details on my results until I went in 2 months later asking to go back onto my antidepressants (of course the 24 hour monitor was normal). Stay positive<3

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