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Thread: Is there the chemical benzene in marijuana dabs?

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    Is there the chemical benzene in marijuana dabs?

    I'm 22 a 23 year old male. My roommate in college smokes dabs all the time in our room. I have health anxiety after being very over weight and a smoker for 3 years. I am now healthy and haven't smoked in 8 months. Today was the last day we living together and I took a dab with him on our last day before graduation. I'm freaking out over my past benzene exposure from smoking and worried about leukemia and am wondering if there is benzene in dabs. I know there is in gas, cigarettes and weed in the bud form.

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    Re: Is there the chemical benzene in marijuana dabs?

    Would one exposure make so much of a difference to your risk factors? If so, surely it would not be allowed on the market, presuming it's a legal form?
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    Re: Is there the chemical benzene in marijuana dabs?

    I'm a cannabis smoker with experience on the plant, so I can chime in.

    Keep away from dabs. Do you know the potency of a dab is far more concentrated than in a regular joint? The concentrated THC in dabs is produced by packing a test tube with cannabis buds, and pushing butane gas through it, which extracts all the THC, and the gas vaporizes away.

    There is no tobacco, or bud, in dab wax. You're just freaking out because you've had a lot of THC in one go, and your tolerance is low.

    Don't put things into your body that you know is causing you anxiety. I know dabs would put me into an anxious state; so I never do them. If you're predisposioned to anxiety, it will just make it worse.

    This is the "darkside" of cannabis that people never want to talk about because they're convinced cannabis can do no harm. It'll mess you up mentally in the long run. Save your money, and your sanity, and leave the weed alone imho.
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