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    Just took my first medicine..

    Hi, i was prescribed Escitalopram (lexapro) for my anxiety and depression. I just took the first pill, only 5mg...lowest dose. I'm starting low so i won't have side effects.

    Anyway, just a minute after i took the pill i started to feel good and happy.. like a nice tingly feeling or something. This has to be placebo right? A pill can't work within a few minutes? I'm worried the medication might be to strong for me now or that the good feeling will soon turn to a bad feeling. I'm overanalyzing instead of just taking the medicine .. but it's probably not even the medicine just my mind doing this?
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    Re: Just took my first medicine..

    No personal experience, but Google says it may take 6-8 weeks before it reaches full effectiveness. That sounds in line with what I've heard from others about similar medications. I definitely think it's placebo.

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    Re: Just took my first medicine..

    Yeah i just feel jittery since taking the medicine. It started minutes after taking and i thought it takes a medicine at least a few hours to even enter the bloodstream.. and a even longer time for full effect as you said. So i dont know how it's possible that i feel like this so quick. Maybe i was just too anxious about starting meds and i'm overthinking it

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    Re: Just took my first medicine..

    I was taking 5mg of Loraxapam for a week and would get jittery a little while after I took it. After maybe an hour or so I'd start to calm down and get really mellow, worry free and tired.
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    Re: Just took my first medicine..

    It takes 5 hours to reach peak blood plasma levels. Given this, how much do you think would be absorbed within a minute? So, other than allergic reaction which is very fast, nothing is going to happen so quickly.

    What I have found is that things like nausea can come quickly with SSRI/SNRI's but this is explanable since we have Serotonin receptors in the gut and one of these has been found to be causing nausea in meds like Citalopram. For me, the nausea came on within 30 minutes.
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    Re: Just took my first medicine..

    Ah yes the jittery feeling stayed for a few hours and then i just fell asleep. Woke up this morning with some nausea which i was expecting but it went away quickly so wasn't bad at all. Hopefully taking the medicine tonight goes better..

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