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Thread: Increase to 7.5mg

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    Re: Increase to 7.5mg

    How are you getting on Nicola? X
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    Re: Increase to 7.5mg

    Hi I'm doing so much better thank-you altho I have had a wobble this weekend but it has been my time of the month and I always get a bit anxious and shaky when I'm due and on my period but compared to how I was a few weeks ago there has been a huge difference, last week I had a great week, no anxiety or anything then bam my period was due and it started again but no where near as bad as I was but I did start to panic a bit altho I knew what was causing it. I've got a lot of meetings coming up for my son and they are playing on my mind plus he's sitting his gcse's at the min which I'm sure your aware with your daughter it's a very challenging time but I'm coping with things a lot better than I was. Thank-you for asking. How are you?
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