I am 28. mother of 2- A 7year old and a 8 month old. I dont smoke anymore. I rarely drink and if I do it is not much. I cut out soda mostly and I do drink coffee. I do have severe anxiety and probably a little PTSD from a minor accident a few months ago. I felt heart paplitations and had a little chest and shoulder pain from carrying a baby around
The doctor did a chest xray - normal
ton of blood work 2 different times - normal
holter monitor- ok I had shown some PVC and PAC
heart rate at a high was 146/min
heart rate average 81/min
heart rate low 54/min

the 2nd day at 6:08 pm I was cooking i believe and felt a little funny i hit the button to activate the HM - it showed a 7 beat run of -VTACH

I saw the cardiologist 2 days ago---he said i should be fine i seem healthy and it could have been the result of some anti anxiety meds..

I was put on CELEXA for 1 wk---had a bad reaction --- funny chest feeling, cold symptoms, super tired, anxious----was off that 2-3 days and they put me on EFEXOR----made me feel more anxious and it was harder to breath this was when i was on the holter monitor---stopped that after 2 or 3 days

also had a allergic reaction to the holter monitor stickers---hives at the site

I am set up to meat with a electrocardiologist
I have a ECHO scheduled for june 5 and after possibly a stress test to rule out other issues and i was put on a beta blocker in the mean time

im a bit freaked out