i have spent years blogging my experiences with autism and intellectual disability as well as the other bits and bobs that come along with it,and including when i was non verbal [i was non verbal up to my late 20s]-a lot of people think if your non verbal you cant speak in other ways.

i would dearly love to have some blog friends as its never had anyone want to share blog rolls or comment on posts i make,sometimes it makes me wonder why i bother if it isnt being read, i write it to help people understand the more severe half of the spectrum.

it doesnt make it easy that to comment you have to have a wordpress account,is there any way of making it so anyone can comment,or something similar?

my blog is:
https:// autieemlyn. wordpress. com/
^just move the words back to form an adress,i cant post links yet but im not the type to post links on forums and then run,i shall be staying here.