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    Long term escitalopram.

    Anyone came off escitalopram after 7 or 8 years. How long did you taper off of it?

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    Re: Long term escitalopram.

    Hi Lostritenow,

    When I come off escitalopram 3 years ago I was on them for about 6 years. First thing I did was formulate a plan with my doctor I said I was a slow steady time scale which was about 3 months total to get off them. 20mg to 10mg to 5mg to every other day to none.

    I hope this helps


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    Re: Long term escitalopram.


    How long are you off them completely.

    I was only on 10 mg, tapered 1 mg a month over a 9 month period, until I got to 1 mg, then came off at that.

    I was on them for ocd.

    Approx. 9/10 weeks after last dose, I suffered a nervous breakdown as my ocd came back horrifically. I took sick about 2nd week of this March.

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    Re: Long term escitalopram.

    been off them for 3 years but might have to go back on been bad myself lately. what is your OCD?
    If you need to just chat or anything just drop me a message happy to help in anyway I can


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