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Thread: What do your heart palpitations feel like?

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    What do your heart palpitations feel like?

    Every now and then I get a sudden rush of excitement feeling in my chest, lasting a few seconds, for no apparent reason. Does anyone else get this? It really freaks me out. I had a 72 hour tape done on my heart 6 months ago and it came back healthy but with a few benign ectopics. At the time though I hadn't experienced the rush of excitement feeling, just heart flutters.

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    Re: What do your heart palpitations feel like?

    I get that rush feeling too and then a few flutters and skips. It always scares me. I take medication for anxiety now, and I'm getting better and talking myself out of it.

    I just ate some chocolate and it set off a few palps. I've also had a stressful day. My son graduated kindergarten and I've been crying on and off all day. I'm so proud of him (he's my only child). I KNEW that I would get them today... emotion seems to set them off- along with foods that I should NOT be eating.

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    Re: What do your heart palpitations feel like?

    I get 3 different types. First is the flutters. These are minor and feel like a fast succession of beats (almost like a machine gun). I'm sure my heart isn't beating that fast but it feels like it. I can ignore these ones.

    The second is a physical skip feeling. A flip flop feeling. They can throw me off a little and usually cause a hot sensation and rushing feeling run through my body. They can be uncomfortable when happen close together. I've had them in runs of about 8-9 before and said to be normal.

    The third type is a bang in my chest. A huge thud. These are the worst. I hate them. They instantly spark a panic attack. I've never had these in runs ... thank god! I have had a few that came every 20 seconds. Not nice.

    I think stress makes mine worse. I've noticed that a lot. And anxiety. But there are times when I haven't been stressed and still had them so who know.
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