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Thread: Ugh, now the mole train again, clear small mole, anyone else?

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    Ugh, now the mole train again, clear small mole, anyone else?

    So, was doing really well anxiety-wise. I have been through some ups and downs lately, but mostly ups. We have even had real health concerns come through the house, all resolved now, which is good.

    Now I am sitting down to lunch and notice a small, raised (about 1mm in diameter) clear or skin colored mole on outside joint of my right thumb. The thing is, I had this nodular melanoma scare two years ago and while it was benign, it made me hyper vigilant. For what it's worth, the scare back then was not even started by me, but rather my doctor who feared the worst. So, sometimes doctors make mistakes in our favor too. ;-)

    Anyway, I just happened upon it itching my hand, and now, of course, my database of "knowledge" I gained from my experience two years ago boots up and I go into immediate panic mode. A mole I have never noticed, clear and raised and 1mm in diameter, and I am losing my mind. It almost certainly is, after all, a mole, or maybe even a wart.

    I have so many moles I am actually used to them, but the new ones scare me sometimes. I get new ones now and then, and I am not sure why this one bothers me so much, maybe because my hands have been more or less mole-free.

    Anyone have these clear little guys, especially on their hand? I know I am being ridiculous...just reaching out to my fellow mole sufferers.

    (posting this to both HA forums I follow, so sorry if you are getting spammed by me! ;-) )

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    Re: Ugh, now the mole train again, clear small mole, anyone else?

    ARe you absolutely sure this is a mole as I thought that moles were pigmented. I am covered in all sorts of weird skin things, including tiny hard clear nodules but they are benign skin things like cherry angionomas the raised red spots.

    As with all lumps and bumps, moniter. If it grows at a fast rate or changes then get it checked out but its much more likely to be a benign skin thing that anything else.

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    Re: Ugh, now the mole train again, clear small mole, anyone else?

    I have loads of things too, tons of cherry angionomas and what not, honestly this is just a clear bump, almost looks like a tiny blister. Just freaking for no reason I am sure.

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    Re: Ugh, now the mole train again, clear small mole, anyone else?

    Lofwyr, could it possible be a wart of some kind? I recently had a tiny, tiny clear bump on my finger tip that they said was a wart. It was so small that I couldn't see any wart-like features, it was actually just a smooth, tiny little clear bump.

    Countrygirl, not all moles are heavily pigmented like you might think. Many skin cancers can come up as skin colored things. But you are right, most likely a benign thing. Lof, like she said, watch for changes for sure.

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    Re: Ugh, now the mole train again, clear small mole, anyone else?

    "Ugh, now the mole train again, clear small mole, anyone else?"

    Be careful about riding the Mole Train! I heard that route goes nowhere but down! Now the Soul Train is a different story. It's a dancing good time!

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