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Thread: MRI Results of Brain (Anyone know what it means)

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    Question MRI Results of Brain (Anyone know what it means)

    MRI of Brain Results: Postprocedural changes overlying the vertex. Everything else was normal. What does Postprocedural changes overlying the vertex mean? Cervical spine mri ok. My book of symptoms are below:

    Well I twitch all over (butt, foot, legs, neck, arm, eyelid, cheek) ....and I literally do it constantly..24/7. I had a emg and neuro said was ok but did show fasculations in foot which he said is caused by my herniated disk in the L5S1. I do not believe it is from that bc I have had my herniated disk for 15 years and never had fasiculations....and besides, they are all over not just in the leg or foot where the herniation would effect. I also have what I feel (possibly just perceived) is weakness in hands and clumsy with hands...dropping things, hitting against things. I have random sensory things also numb lip and tongue at times and excessive saliva at times. I sometime think im having difficulty swallowing. I have achy body at times. Stiff achy fingers at times....and a particulary stiff pinky finger alot. All symptoms more prominent on left side but still feel on right just not as strong. I had a feeling of someone holding my upper arms down (tightness) about a week ago...scared hell out of me...lasted about 10 minutes and eased up. I was thinking MS bc I have read about the MS hug. About once a week I get a bitter taste pouring in mouth ...last a few minutes and leaves. Mouth feels tight at times and seem to not articulate words right and stumble over words. My neuro thinks Im nuts! Lol. Seriously he does! I told him what Im scared about and he is like ..really?! Thats rare, mostly in older people and you wouldnt have walked in here with no problems walking. I ask about the emg fasculations and he said they are benign......but im getting them all day everyday all over. Symptoms started in December with bad burning sensation in breast (weird right)! Then all other numbness tingly hand and feet started in feb....Ive had weak feet and hands since April. Oh, and I had mysterious bouts of frequent urination (going every hour l) for about 3 weeks and it mysteriously stopped. So did the deep painful burning in my breast....lasted about 3 weeks and stopped. Scared to death but tired of worrying!

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    Re: MRI Results of Brain (Anyone know what it means)

    I have pretty much all of these too did you ever find anything out?

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    Re: MRI Results of Brain (Anyone know what it means)

    Well they tell me I have PNH which is basically hyperactive nerves. I twitch all over everywhere all day. Been like this now going on 2 years. Iím sure if something sinister Iíd know by now. I am still skeptical about the ďartifactĒ even though the doc that read it said I probably moved and caused the ghost shadows like thing that showed up. Kind of scare me bc he first said something about MS but when I told him I didnít have that he said oh ok must of been you moving. Iím going to ask for another MRI. Switched insurance and have to get referrals so it will probably be a few months before I get an MRI. What did you find out? Did MRI show artifact for you?

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