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Thread: Prolonged QT interval?

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    Prolonged QT interval?

    I had an ecg done 3 weeks ago at my GPs office, he looked at it right away and says all looks normal, however I received a copy of it today to bring to a cardiologist appointment we made for peace of mind. When I got home I looked over it and I noticed it said "prolonged QT interval"..and then I looked that up and I'm freaking out pretty well right now..

    My heart rate during the test was 125 and I was quite anxious, can this cause long QT intervals? Test

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    Re: Prolonged QT interval?

    No one?

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    Re: Prolonged QT interval?

    Hi how did you get on with the cardiologist?

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    Re: Prolonged QT interval?

    Quote Originally Posted by NPR73 View Post
    Hi how did you get on with the cardiologist?
    Had a consultation last month, they saw nothing wrong with the ecg and said they never look at what is interpreted by the machine.

    Holter and echo scheduled for the 25th.

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    Re: Prolonged QT interval?

    Hey. I had this! My QT interval was 506. What was yours? Are you on any medication? My Dr suspects mine was caused by an antidepressant
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