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Thread: Online survey - win a 50 Amazon voucher!

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    Online survey - win a 50 Amazon voucher!

    Hi all,

    My name is Sophie Homer and I'm doing my PhD in Psychology at the University of Plymouth.

    I'm conducting a short online survey which involves answering some questions on how you experience social situations, including your beliefs, feelings, and anxieties around yourself and others. The survey will take no longer than 20 - 30 minutes to complete and you will have the chance to win a 50 Amazon voucher!

    Absolutely anyone can participate, and you will be contributing towards important research that stands to improve current knowledge and understanding of mental health (something I am very passionate about and would not be possible without participants like you!).

    You will find more information about the study on the very first page, and please feel free to PM me or email me at if you have any questions about this study or my research in general. If at any point you would like to withdraw that's absolutely fine, just close your browser window. Responses are completely anonymous and you do not have to provide your name or any identifiable information.

    To participate, please follow this link:

    Thanks so much for your time, your participation would be very much appreciated!

    Best wishes,
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    Re: Online survey - win a 50 Amazon voucher!

    Hi all,

    Just to say that the survey will be running for just a few more weeks if anyone would still like to participate

    And a huge thank you to everyone who has so far! :-)

    Best wishes

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