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Thread: Constant stomach pains because of anxiety? Join the club.

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    Re: Constant stomach pains because of anxiety? Join the club.

    I just read this post, it's old I know, but still very relevant. I relate to so much of what you've written.
    I've had IBS since I was a teenager and am now in my 60's. It flares up about twice a year although there were years of complete freedom.

    All fellow sufferers will agree with me when I say that each and every time it happens my mind tells me THIS time it's something worse.....
    This brain/gut connection is complicated but very real! The symptoms feed the anxiety, the anxiety feeds the symptoms. You get caught in a loop.

    Sometimes a visit to the Doctor is all I need, some reassurance that all is well and the symptoms disappear. Like magic!
    This time it didn't work for me so in desperation I tried a Homeopath. She has been very sympathetic and agreed that my IBS due to a combination of food and anxiety She's given me medication and supplements but she also tested me for food allergies and told me I have an intolerance to wheat, corn, barley, rye, oats, potatoes, tomatoes, brinjals and cocoa.

    Well trying to sort out a diet that eliminates all of the above has left me even MORE anxious!
    Trouble is when I'm not having an IBS flare up I can eat absolutely ANYTHING with no ill effects.

    Is it really all due to anxiety? Or is it that when we have a flare up our stomach becomes more tender and intolerant to certain foods?
    General Anxiety and Panic Disorder for 25 years. Recently returned to South Africa from the UK and now living in Botswana.

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    Re: Constant stomach pains because of anxiety? Join the club.

    I just want to add “ my experience” just in case anyone will still read this and stomach problems is one of their anxiety symptoms.
    I don’t think I have IBS I believe it’s all connected to anxiety. I only have to leave the house for various stomach pains to hit me and urgency to go to toilet. And I know it’s all in my head as if I stick to my routine places I m not too bad or can just about cope with it but the minute I need to go somewhere new or do new activity it all kicks in.
    i have had CBT in the past, been on Citalopram for several years ( currently off meds for past 20 months) and now been referred for exposure therapy well I m on waiting list anyway. I don’t know how that will work and I’m really dreading it, but apparently there is like 80% recovery from agoraphobia, so if anyone has experienced that please let me know.
    Anyway when I m really bad I drink camomile tea in the evening as it helps to calm you down and also it settles your stomach a bit so maybe worth trying. Also started doing Pilates class to help with severe back aches which I think are also connected to stress and anxiety as after having MRI scan it proved my back is all in tact and fine. Relaxation tapes also helped me in the past however haven’t done that lately. I just so desperately don’t want to go back on the pills .
    I know anxiety is daily battle for lots of people here and sometimes I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. So I just thought I add few tips of mine.

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