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Thread: How much can a neuro tell by a neuro exam?

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    How much can a neuro tell by a neuro exam?


    I wondered how much a neurologist can actually tell by giving you a neuro exam?


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    Re: How much can a neuro tell by a neuro exam?


    Quite a lot. They check balance, reflexes, specific nerves, how you react to stimuli and even muscle function. They are trained to see how you function even from minor things during conversation.

    I found this on a page about neurological examinations -
    The major areas of the exam, covering the most testable components of the neurological system, include:

    Mental status testing
    Cranial Nerves
    Muscle strength, tone and bulk
    Sensory Function

    If they suspect the cause to your symptoms is organic and they can't investigate that then they can order other tests and if need be refer you to someone else.

    I had an unusual headache/numbness episode and my neuro very easily pinpointed my neck and posture (trapped nerve) as well as stress as the causes.

    Hope this helps!

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