Thanks fish for being so straight forward all the time, you're very helpful and you seem educated and since you've personally taken the med I'll give it a shot. I'll probably get my prescription filled today and begin taking it either tonight or tomorrow. Like always I'll keep you guys up to date, this had been a long ride and hopefully I'm near my destination, and I like to update because I know others on here are like me and if they can follow my story and I finally get cured of this anxiety maybe it'll encourage them to do the same, even without the meds I have decreased my anxiety drastically, I was having thoughts of taking my life before, never actually considered it but basically fantasizing it so I know I was in a very dark place filled with anxiety and depression, and now I am not like that but I do still worry, I imagine you guys can tell by the behavior of my previous threads vs now how I post less frequently and all shows you something has changed. I will continue fighting back until I can finally lay this demon to rest. Good luck everyone.

Also yes I live in the united states so yes they do still prescribe buspirone. And I see people comparing xanax with buspirone but buspirone is more for long term anxiety treat while xanaxis fast acting and helps treat panic attacks.