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I don't disagree. Unfortunately, NHS GPs apparently can't prescribed the much better immediate-release trazodone (Desyrel) for insomnia, and mirtazapine is, imho, generally a better option for most than the antipsychotics which they can/do prescribe.
MOST AD s sort themselves out on sleep after a time , sometimes along time, but its worth the wait sooner than get hooked on a med you dont need , the first night i took mirtazapine the wife had to wake me the next morning, but 3 days later i was back to normal no sleep. THE shrink had added it to my meds just for sleep but he kept it there doing nothing. when he decided it was a flop he tapered me of and it took an age and a half. i then had olanzapine that worked a treat but i dont want to get hooked on it so now its weakening its telling me its wants more . But i am not going down that rout